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Theater Programming

Freedom and Silence

Pamela López / Andrés Kalawski
Theater and Programming

Pamela López and Andrés Kalawski woke up one day, as in some sort of horrible fairy tale, and found they had turned into theatre programmers. As their daily emergencies piled on, they began asking themselves how this role played out in the greater creative scheme of theatres in Santiago, Chile. What started out as a research project on programming processes and the role of the programmer became a wider reflection presented in this bilingual edition. We have done our best to disprove the belief that the programmer is alone in her selection process. Although theatre programmers seem to have freedom in their decisions they are, in fact, obligated to remain silent in the face of material and political constraints that condition their repertoires. We have opened the programmer’s black box for the first time in order to discuss their mission, profile and to pose questions that may help to give this trade a professional status within the field of arts administration.

Creative Commons
ISBN: 978-956-371-005-2

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